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MD's Testimonial
Many researchers and doctors believe hgh plays a key role in youth and aging.

"I am an MD, PhD (graduate of Stanford University), chemist and clinical microbiologist. I also work as a pharmaceutical development consultant and practice anti-aging, chronic pain & injury medicine.  

After looking at all the similar products on the market for myself, considering injections, and listening to friends who claimed they had very amazing health results with the oral spray offered by, I chose to try it. 

I've been more than satisfied with the results. Here are some examples. I'm over 40, and wear glasses. My eyesight has continually worsened throughout my life. After using the spray, my eyes improved so much that I had a hard time seeing with my glasses on - they became too strong. I had to have my prescription weakened for the first time in my life.  My metabolism has also become more stable, allowing me more diet flexibility without weight gain.  And I feel better overall. Until definitive clinical studies are released, my professional ethics prevent me from publicly saying more about it as a doctor. But even if it's only a placebo, using it has been more than worth it to me."    M. Gedde, MD, PhD, San Francisco CA


Is that enough of a recommendation of our quality and integrity? If not, here's more.

All the research mainstream research over the decades, that came up with rather amazing results, was done on injectable hgh (that's one reason we have a satisfaction guarantee - so you'll feel free to try the hgh oral spray yourself and see what happens). We've heard nothing but good things from others who have used it properly and for at least 6 months.  But some benefits may not be as "striking" as they sound, probably depending on the person. But they can still be positive enough to make it very desirable.  For instance, here's another testimonial on our oral spray: 

"We first tried it when our physician (he's an MD) recommended it."

"My ex-husband and I (middle aged) have personally experienced many benefits after using this oral spray.  My husband's hair color wasn't completely restored, he definitely still has some gray hair at the temples and beard. His hair started growing back for sure, but he was nearly totally bald and the growth wasn't like having his old hair back, so it was virtually useless (maybe if he'd started using it before he lost all his hair).  But he did lose a lot of weight and gained a lot of muscle, and that was enhanced even more with minor 5 minute evening workouts. He also started getting morning erections which had become non-existent for a few years, and improved sexual drive and performance (nothing like Viagra® though! But the natural enhancement/return was wonderful).  He also had to have his strong eyeglass prescription lessened (his glasses got too strong as he aged). My wrinkles were greatly reduced and everyone commented on how young I looked, what I was doing, did I get a face lift, etc., and my cellulite disappeared. I couldn't believe it about my cellulite and my husband and others had to keep swearing to me that it had gone.  We both got much more energy and vitality, and improved concentration and memory." - J.H. 

Isn't it at least worth a satisfaction guaranteed money back try?
(Just make sure you use it properly, and long enough to truly give it a chance.)

I'm not an MD, just a well-educated person who doesn't buy or use many things without researching it until I feel informed enough to "go for it" or skip it. 

I won't risk using products from companies that make unsubstantiated ridiculous claims and give alleged unverifiable "research results" that mention no doctors, clinics, universities, or the research study protocols involved. 

From what I've gleaned in my own research, personal experience, speaking with other users and doctors, and reading testimonials, I've concluded there are many positive effects from HGH human growth hormone if you are hgh deficient. 

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Some companies claim to be selling the Beyond GH oral spray for less. We just want to warn you that we have seen it counterfeited - identical label, with something else inside.  Remember the old saying " Buyer beware" and "You get what you pay for".  Just like all counterfeit products or scams, A CHEAP PRICE SHOULD WARN YOU ABOUT IF A PRODUCT IS LEGITIMATE OR NOT.  Would you buy a new Mercedes for $500 from a website or a guy at a health food store? There is a very good reason Dr. Gedde MD, only deals with us.

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